Deputy President,Dr William Ruto,has finally flown to Uganda.

Deputy President of Kenya,Dr Willam Samoei Ruto has been cleared and travelled to Uganda,this is after being restricted from flying to Uganda yesterday.

ln his company,he was supposed to travel with Harun Aydin,Ndidi Nyoro, Oscar Sudi and others who were to be hosted by the head of state of Uganda,Kaguta Yoweri Mseveni.

Harun Aydin,the Turkish,has been a frequent visitor to Uganda,Zanzibar,Sudan,and Ethiopia,and in all those visits,the deputy President Dr Willam Ruto has been present thus raising questions what they are up to.

Harun Aydin has been on the radar in several occasions whereby he has been charged with conspiracy to cause violence in Germany after he was caught with explosives.

This happened after he was caught  in 2001 while he was about to board an Iran-flight  to tehran with a luggage containing camouflage clothing, a chemical-protection suit,a ski mask and materials that are used to produce an explosive detonator.

Oscar sudi, member of Parliament for Kapsaret,has maintained that the meeting with  Dr William Ruto is about clean business since he is doing fruit farming in Uganda.This again raises questions why is the Russian interested in investing fruit business in Uganda and not in  Kenya,where we also have hustlers who needs to benefit from that investment.

“I woke up to the shocking news spread by gutter press Daily Nation and idle bloggers the likes of Robert Alai spreading malicious stories about Businessman Harun Aydin. Harun is a Turkish investor interested in modern fruit farming and not a terrorist as alleged,” Sudi began.

Sudi went ahead and requested if anybody in doubt,should visit Turkish Embassy for more information.

“If Alai or any of these busybodies have any shamba then we are willing to engage then plant modern fruits on it,” Sudi challenged.

“If anyone is in doubt about the details of Mr Harun then they can visit the Turkish embassy for more information,” he added.

He also went ahead and asked the government to use all its resources to unearth the truth.

“Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni is not a kid to deal with someone of questionable repute, you can use your diplomatic connection and inquire from ‘Ssebo’ himself the kind of interest that the businessman (Harun Aydin) has in Uganda,” Sudi concluded.

However,preventing Dr William Ruto from flying to Uganda has received mixed reactions from the Kenyans.

Former presidential candidate Abduba Dida has spelt out malice when the state officers demanded that Deputy President must seek approval from the Head of Public Service before travelling.
“asking DP Willam Ruto to”ask for permission ” from head of public service before flying to uganda is perhaps the last sign that worrying times are here.These are no signs of someone who is preparing to go home.if they can’t allow him to fly out,will they allow elections. “