I Love The Smell of Babies and High Heels Sound

Audrey Chu, popularly known by stage name as Audrey Nuna, has said She loves the smell of babies and the sound of high heels on the concrete.

Photo of @audreynuna by @khufunajee

“I’m Audrey. I love the smell of babies and the sound of high heels on concrete. My music is a weird mix of R&B and homemade samples,” says Korean American artist AudreyNuna.

Audrey Nuna is an American R&B singer and rapper. She is best known for her singles like”damn Right” and “Comic Sans” featuring Jack Harlow. She was born and raised in New Jersey, and studied in the Clive Davis Music Institute of NYU but has since taken a break to focus on music.

Her songs are known to combine multiple genres such as pop, R&B, rap and trap. She is signed with Arista Records, under Sony Music Entertainment.
“I sing about my own experiences and the sh*t I can’t say but can write about. So in a way, it’s the most honesty I’ll probably ever give,” adds the 22-year-old from New Jersey, whose music’s running themes include food, being a loner and feeling free.

“Being Korean is just a part of who I am and how my parents raised me. Also being a part of two worlds is my comfort zone,” ⁣she adds.

Audrey dropped her full-length debut earlier this year having put her education on hold to pursue music. “I’ve always wanted to do this. It just felt obvious to me. I’m most proud that I get to do this with my friends and people who I genuinely care about and vice versa. I haven’t compromised that,” ⁣she said.