Agness Tirop: Rotich is a prime suspect in the long-distance runner’s stabbing death

Agnes Jebet Tirop, a long distance-runner was found murdered in her house in Iten, Elgeyo Marakwet county.

File: Tirop and Rotich

The two time World Championships bronze medalist was living with her husband Ibrahim Kipchumba Rotich, but their marriage was troubled.

Tirop won 10,000m bronze at the World Athletic Championships in 2017 and 2019, and finished 4th in the 5, 000m at the Tokyo Olympics this year.

According to the Keiyo North Police Commander Tom Makori, Tirop’s father, on the evening of Tuesday, October 12, filed a report that the athlete was missing. On Wednesday, October 13, at around 9am, Makori said Tirop’s husband called his parents informing them that he had committed the heinous crime and sought God’s forgiveness.

“The suspect had made a call to Tirop’s parents saying that he’d committed something wrong. So we believe he knows what happened,” said Makori.

Makori provided further details of Tirop’s death in an interview with CNN affiliate, Nation TV.

“When police went to Tirop’s house, they found her in bed with blood under the bed and a lot of it on the floor,” Makori said.

“When police looked at the body, it looked like she had been stabbed on the neck with what we suspect to be a knife.”

In a tweet on Wednesday, Kenya’s National Police Service (NPS) said Tirop was the victim of a “heinous crime” and promised “speedy and comprehensive investigations.”

After the call, the 25-year-old’s family, friends and neighbours rushed to her house and after breaking in, found her body lying in bed in a pool of blood. Tirop’s lifeless body was discovered with stab wounds in the abdomen.

Marital Issues

A source disclosed said that Tirop had Marital issues with her husband and frequently fought. On many occasions, the two sought arbitration from the family members before meeting her cruel death.

“She had not been home since returning from Japan. Tirop said she was physically abused and fled to the training camp to seek refuge. She had just returned home following the arbitration by the family and friends,” one neighbour said.

However, Tirop’s mother said that her daughter was not married and Rotich was just a boyfriend.