7 Mistakes Men To Avoid When Fixing A Condom

No man was born knowing how to fix a condom, it is a skill that develops with time and some keeps perfecting on it.

Because of the reason above, most of the time the condom is put on the wrong way,and in this page,am going to teach you on how to avoid such mistakes which you might committing day in day out.

Remember fixing a condom wrong puts both partners in danger I.e risk of contracting infections,unwanted pregnancies et cetera.

So,make sure and avoid the following mistakes;

  1. Totally unrolling the condom before fixing it.
  2. Leaving no space at the tip for the collection of Semen during ejaculation.
  3. Failure to evacuate air at the tip of the condom before using.
  4. Rolling Condom from Back to Front and then flipping it over to fix it on your organ.
  5. Inability to totally unroll the condom before using it.
  6. Reusing a condom after first round or another sex.
  7. Storing condom in a bad condition.

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