Are You “Stupid or Intelligent”, Check Out This Matrix

What do you know about those people you used to know as the most intelligent, well spoken,and curious? Do you know that those kind of people most of the them make terrible mistakes in their lives?

Cipolla matrix graph

Life is a learning tool that understanding it becomes very very difficult. Imagine, back in the days when you used to envy them,but at the present, things are not okay with them.And for your information, our minds then,were trained to see them as the most intelligent.

On the other hand,you have known someone who may not have a formal education but because of their thinking and wise decision making have uplifted them to better life stages as compared to the “Intelligent Man”.

Italian economist Carlo Cipolla wrote a tongue-and-cheek essay in 1976 called “The Basic Laws of Human Stupidity” that provides a structure for judging someone’s real intelligence. The word stupid is a relative word and it can be used arbitrary to measure the intelligence of a person.

Here are five basic Laws of Intelligence Cipolla came up with:

First Basic Law

“Always and inevitably everyone underestimates the number of stupid individuals in circulation.”

In the first law,Cipolla explains that it is hard to comprehend or understand the amount of stupid people that exist in this world.He further says that any numerical figure assigned/associated would turn out to be an underestimate.

Second Basic Law

“The probability that a certain person is stupid is independent of any other characteristic of that person.”

In this second law he explains that independent of other features/characteristics,someone can not define whether a person is stupid or not.

“Whether one frequents elegant circles or takes refuge among cannibals, whether they lock themselves up in a monastery or decide to spend the rest of their life in the company of a beautiful partner, the fact remains that they will always have to deal with the same percentage of stupid people,” he concluded.

Third Basic Law

“A stupid person is one who causes losses to another person or a group of people while they gain nothing or may even suffer losses.”

Having high IQ does not give a true picture of someone’s stupidity level,but their behavior does.Intelligent people sometimes can be victims to small things otherwise they could have avoided I.e get-rich-quick schemes,whereby they may end up using all their finances just to get rich quickly.

In simple terms,you are what you do and not what you think.

Fourth Basic Law

“Non-stupid people always underestimate the damaging power of stupid individuals. In particular, non-stupid people constantly forget that in any time and place and circumstance dealing and/or hanging out with stupid people always turns out to be a costly mistake”.

These are those people who always make bad decisions but we never abandon them,and eventually, their actions end up affecting us.

Fifth Basic Law

“Stupid people are the most dangerous type of people “.

Intelligent people are always mindful of others whereas stupid never mind about their actions,even if it affects others.

So,Cipolla came up with a matrix that explains these kind of people;HELPLESS, BANDITS, STUPID and INTELLIGENT.

Stupid people’s actions always affects themselves and others.

Helpless people contribute much to the society than they receive.

Bandits  take advantage for self gain even if it harms others.

Intelligent people contribute to society and always expect good to be done in return.

In conclusion, Cipolla’s law explains how perceived intelligent people can end up being terrible decision makers whereas those who might not seem so bright end being the beacons of wisdom of the society.

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