Slay-Queens and Woman-Eaters Locked Out

Peter Kaluma

Homa Bay Town Member of Parliament Peter Kaluma, who sponsored the Law of Succession (Amendment) Bill 2019 seeking to lock out slay-queens and woman-eaters is happy after President Uhuru Kenyatta signed the Bill into law on Wednesday.

The new law will lock out secret lovers from accessing their partners wealth in case of death.

The Bill sought to give a clear definition of the word “dependant” so as to lock out “illegitimate” partners from inheriting the properties of the deceased.

The new law defines a dependant as “the spouse and children of the deceased, whether or not maintained by the deceased immediately prior to his death.

Here is the summary of the law:

1. Both parents have equal responsibilities of bringing up children after separation, 50/50 basis.

2. Men will automatically inherit their wife’s estate without first proving to court they were dependants before the death of their wives.

3. Secret lovers will have No legal rights to storm a funeral and demand to be involved. ONLY legal Wife and his children have rights to bury the Man.

4. Ex Wife, Secret lover have no right to inherit of the man’s estate upon death.

5. Procreation rights have been exclusively reserved for those with income, both women and Men. To have a child, each partner should be able to provide 50% upkeep of the child.

6. A child isn’t prove of marriage, for anyone to be considered a wife, you must have marriage certificate.

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