Eugene Mwangi: Rent Leads To His Death After Deadly Encounter With Caretaker


Eugene Mwangi met his death on Thursday 4th November 2021 after allegedly assaulted by the caretaker.The caretaker is said to be in company of other men,who together inflicted injuries on Mr Mwangi until he succumbed.

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“The allegations we got was that his caretaker of a flat where he lives came with some goons and wanted to remove his items and started throwing his items on the street,” his father, Francis Mwangi, told Citizen TV.

The victim was confirmed dead on arrival at Meridian Hospital and by then,it was still unknown what could have led to such a fierce and deadly scuffle.

The neighbours said that immediately after the incident, the caretaker and the other men removed the occupant’s belongings and threw them outside.

Some residents say it was a forced eviction gone wrong,while others believe the men who were with the caretaker were auctioneers.

“Some say the caretaker came with auctioneers, some say it was a forcible eviction. To be honest, we do not know what happened,” his younger brother said.

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Benjamin Mwanthi,the officer in-charge of the case from Langata Police station said that the arrests have been made and the matter is looked into by the Director of Public Prosecution for further investigation and bring those who were in involved to book.